Une Orgasme Pour Mes Pieds

This is my ultimate, end-all list of the shoes I desire so greatly. Sans the docs, because I think my obsession with them has been documented ad nauseum.

1. The perfect boots- A little beaten up, a little slouchy, and perfectly versatile. Not to mention good for walking-I'm on my feet all the time. Also, I already have black boots, so a brown pair would open up my wardrobe to a whole new world!

2. The perfect flats- I have one pair of shoes from Repetto, and they are a gorgeous pair of purple-grey sparkle heels a la Ginger Rogers. They have a heel, but are the most ridiculously cushiony shoes everrr. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a pair of their flats. I might fall asleep while walking because of the extreme comfort.

3. The perfect booties- I mean, just look at them. Perfect platform, sturdy enough to walk in, and the ever-so-slightly curved heel? Shut up.

4. The perfect weird-ass but still cool shoes- These could potentially be laughable on, but I'm willing to take that chance.

5. The perfect heels that I will never have- Oh Nicholas, my Nicholas, make me your muse and shower me with your creations. Actually, scratch the "showering" me thing, those heels look like they would hurt.

Also, I'm posting this picture of myself in Topshop London this summer. The expression on my face was basically there the entire time I was in the store.

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